Monday, September 27, 2010

Daughter's Day

September 26 is being celebrated as Daughter’s Day.

For parents, every child is special – whether it is a boy or a girl. Daughters are lovely gift to all those who have from the almighty. The angel has descended from heaven with sparkle in their eyes, rosy lips and sweetness of the sound which is produced when they call mom or dad. The emotion that one undergoes hearing ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ for the first time from their daughter’s mouth is just inexplicable.

Some of the wishes from the parents to their daughters:

With each passing day..
you have evolved…
as a more beautiful individual…
And on Daughter’s Day…
I want you to know…
How much I am proud of you!

A daughter like you completes the family,
Had you not been there, we would be an incomplete family,
Thanks for coming to our life;
You lighten up each day and night
As you are a sun that always shines bright.
Love you Daughter…

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